BD AutoShield DuoTM Saftey Pen Needle

Keep your injections safe and simple

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Features and benefits

Reduced risk of needlestick injury (NSI) 

The BD AutoShield Duo™ is a safety pen needle designed with automatically activated protection at both ends of the needle after use to help prevent needlestick injuries needle during injection and disposal.


~95% of nurses agree that BD AutoShield Duo ™ has a reliable safety mechanism.

Clear safety shield

Clear safety shield on the patient end of the needle covers the needle prior to injection, while enabling user to visualize the needle.

Visual safety confirmation

Red indicator band on the patient end and orange shield on the non-patient end confirm the activation of safety mechanism and protection after use.

Single-handed injection technique


The BD AutoShield Duo™ safety pen needle with 5mm needle does not require a pinch-up minimizing the risk of needlestick injury through a skinfold.6*†


The BD AutoShield Duo™ safety pen needles are compatible with widely used pen injection devices.



^400 nurses in 381 different hospitals in the US voluntarily completed a survey.

¥The study was conducted in 45 nursing homes from April 2002 through December 2007.

«A double-blinded survey with 175 nurses from 36 states

in the US commissioned in Fall 2021.

*Patients ≤6 years old and very thin adults may require a pinch-up.

†To minimize the risk of NSI through a skinfold,  the use of shorter (4-mm and 5-mm) pen needles without a skinfold is recommended.



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