BD Micro-Fine™ + Insulin Syringes

Full portfolio of insulin syringes to support your insulin delivery needs

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embecta offers a full portfolio of insulin syringes desgined to help accurately deliver insulin for those who use a vial and a syringe

Features and Benefits

Full range of needle lengths and barrel capacities

Across the diverse range of patient needs and preferences, our portfolio of BD Micro-Fine™ + insulin syringes offer you choice and flexibility with availability in 1 mL, 0.5 mL, and 0.3 mL capacities, with 8 mm and 12.7 mm needles.

Easy to read

Designed with large dose unit markings, with ½ unit scale marking available on the 0.3mL barrel.

Single Use

Recommend the use of a new insulin syringe every time your patients inject. Insulin syringe needles are recommended to be used only once and are no longer sterile after that. There is an association between needle reuse and injection pain or bleeding.1

Products & accessories

1. Frid AH, et al. New Insulin Delivery Recommendations. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2016;91(9):1231–1255

embecta, formerly part of BD. BD is the manufacturer of the advertised products.