BD Pen Needles and syringes are used to inject insulin. Always consult your Healthcare Professional regarding treatment of your Diabetes. Always follow the directions for use.

BD Pen Needle Range

A range of pen needles to support insulin delivery

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embecta offers a full range of pen needles and educational resources to support you and/or your carer.

Features and Benefits

Full range of needle lengths

BD Ultra-Fine™ Pen Needles are available in 4mm and 5mm needle lengths, and BD Micro-Fine™ Pen Needles are available in 6mm, 8mm and 12.7mm needle lengths.


BD Pen Needles are compatible with widely-used pen injection devices.1


Our products are designed and manufactured to quality standards, and tested to ensure that performance requirements are compliant with stringent ISO standards.*

Single Use

Use a new pen needle every time you inject. Pen needles are intended for single-use only and should be used only once to ensure sterility. There is an association between re-using needles and injection pain or bleeding.2

*CPR-069: Process Validation Procedure, ISO 13485, ISO 14971.


1.    BD Compatibility Confirmation for Pen Needles and Pen Injector Manufacturers. 149-OTH-0004-20, Rev S. February 2021.
2.    Frid AH, et al. New Insulin Delivery Recommendations. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2016;91(9):1231–1255

embecta, formerly part of BD. BD is the manufacturer of the advertised products.