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embecta helps your patients with diabetes deliver their insulin correctly without extra effort or attention

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Did you know that how insulin is injected can be critical to help obtain the full benefits of the medication?1 A recent study showed that people with diabetes were making at least 1 mistake in how they inject insulin. The most common mistake was using too much force against the skin when injecting.2 This can result in accidentally injecting into the muscle layer, which can make an injection more painful and lead to insulin not working as it should.1

Features and Benefits

Contoured Base 

BD Nano™ 2nd Gen 4mm Pen Needles have a unique contoured needle base that corrects for the different forces that may be applied to the skin when giving an injection to help make sure insulin gets where it needs to go.2,3


With the innovative contoured needle base, the BD Nano™ 2nd Gen 4mm Pen Needles can lower the risk of injecting into your muscle by 2-8x vs other 4mm pen needles with a posted base.3†


BD Nano™ 2nd Gen 4mm Pen Needles have ultra-thin wall technology to increase the flow of insulin so less thumb pressure is needed to push the pen button—making it easier for you to give the injection and giving you confidence that you have received the full dose of insulin.4*


BD Nano™ 2nd Gen 4mm pen needle was found by people with diabetes to significantly reduce overall injection pain and make the injection experience easier compared to other 4mm pen needles with a posted base.5^

Ease of Use 

BD Nano™ 2nd Gen 4mm Pen Needles have an ergonomic design proven to make them easier to use from attachment through disposal. 5^


BD Nano™ 2nd Gen 4mm Pen Needles are compatible with widely used pen injection devices, so even if your patient's treatment regimen changes, you won’t have to change your choice of pen needle for them.6

Single Use 

Use a new pen needle every time you inject. Pen needles are recommended to be used only once and are no longer sterile after that. There is an association between needle reuse and injection pain or bleeding.1

† Based on mathematical calculations and not clinical study data compared to other 4mm pen needles.

*Patients were unblinded to the pen needle they were using.

^Results from clinical study assessing patient preferences and feedback.


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6. BD Compatibility Confirmation for Pen Needles and Pen Injector Manufacturers. 149-OTH-0004-20, Rev S. February 2021.

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