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Needlestick injuries from insulin injections represent a major ongoing threat to the safety of healthcare workers and caregivers.1 In a survey, almost 1 in 4 nurses (~24%) have suffered a needlestick injury from giving injections to  patients with diabetes.1,2^

Features and Benefits

Reduced risk of needlestick injury (NSI) 

BD SafetyGlide™ insulin syringe is a safety-engineered insulin syringe that helps protect healthcare professionals and the caregivers from accidental needlesticks. 

One handed safety activation 

BD SafetyGlide™ insulin syringe features a sliding safety arm that enables one-handed activation to cover the needle point after use.

Easy to read 

BD SafetyGlide™ insulin syringe is designed with a rotating safety arm to ensure the unit scale is visible.

Shortest insulin syringe needle from embecta 

The BD SafetyGlideTM insulin syringe with 6mm needle is the shortest insulin syringe from embecta. 6mm needle does not require a pinch-up technique when given by a healthcare professional, minimizing the risk of needlestick injury through a skinfold.3‡

Full range of needle lengths and barrel capacities

BD SafetyGlide™ insulin syringe is available in 6mm, 8mm, and 12.7mm needle lengths with 0.3 mL, 0.5mL and 1mL barrel capacities based on patient’s dosing need. 

^400 nurses in 381 different hospitals in the US voluntarily completed a survey.

‡Patients ≤6 years and very thin adults may require a pinch-up.


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