BD Pen Needles and syringes are used to inject insulin. Always consult your Healthcare Professional regarding treatment of your Diabetes. Always follow the directions for use.

BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe

Keep your insulin injections safe

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Needlestick injuries from insulin injections represent a major ongoing threat to the safety of healthcare workers and caregivers. In a survey, almost 1 in 4 nurses (~24%) have suffered a needlestick injury from giving injections to diabetes patients.1

Features and Benefits

Reduced risk of needlestick injury (NSI)

BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe is a safety-engineered syringe that helps protect healthcare professionals and caregivers from needlestick injuries.

One-handed safety activation

The BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe features a sliding safety arm that enables one-handed activation to cover the needle point after use.

Easy to read

The BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe is designed with a rotating safety arm to ensure the unit scale is visible.

Shortest safety syringe needle from embecta

The BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe with an 8mm needle is the shortest safety syringe currently available from embecta in Australia and New Zealand.

Full range of needle lengths and barrel capacities

The BD SafetyGlide™ Syringe is available in 8mm and 12.7mm needle lengths with 0.3mL, 0.5mL and 1mL barrel capacities for a variety of patient dosing requirements.


1.    Frid AH, et al. New Insulin Delivery Recommendations. Mayo Clinic Proceedings. 2016;91(9):(supplappendix14):1-3

embecta, formerly part of BD. BD is the manufacturer of the advertised products.